June 15, 2017

School is nearing, so with that being said, everything’s going back to normal again. Loads of assignments, projects, and other school works will come my way this coming academic school year.

I have been busy preparing for college entrance tests that I will be taking on the latter part of this year, so I will be surely occupied with plenty of hard work so I decided that before I get ready for arduous moments, I might as well have to relax first.

Because of that, my mother said that before I go back to school, I must enjoy my 3-month vacation. (July pa pasok namin, saya ‘di ba?) She said that we will travel somewhere in Batangas. After days of deciding where to travel, we picked Aquaria Water Park, located in Calatagan, Batangas.

Aquaria Water Park is a water park with usual features and amenities that ensures fun and experience for visitors of any age. The place astonishes with the lively shades of nature in interface with the yellow sun, white and blue skies, clear blue waters, and reggae music.

June 14, 2017, 6AM, My alarm buzzed. I instantly got my phone and I turned off the

Took a transparent mirror selfie before leaving our place!

alarm. Ayoko kasing gumigising ng maaga ngayon, bakasyon kasi eh. Kaya iritang-irita ako sa alarm. Hahaha. So I stood up from my cushion, blended my coffee and drank it. Afterwards, I swept and mopped the floor and washed the dishes. Then I took a bath. Sometimes it takes me 15 minutes to take a bath because I always make contemplations and decisions inside the comfort room. Lol! After that, I wore my swimwear and we left the house at exactly 6:54am.

While on our trip, I suddenly felt hungry. We stopped by and

@ Vista Mall.

took a drive-thru at McDonalds at Vista Mall. I ordered a cheeseburger, hash brown and orange juice. After eating, we proceeded going to our destination.

Ang haba ng oras ng biyahe, grabe. Nakakainip! One of the landmarks that could directly show you the way of

We were finally at Shell after three hours.

Calatagan is Shell Gas Station. Grabe, it took us almost three hours inside the car and by just reaching at Shell. My mother gassed up the car for 1,000 pesos because we were expecting that this will be a long car ride. We asked if how many minutes/hours and kilometers will it take us before we reach Aquaria Water Park, and the gasoline boy told us that it would take us 30 kilometers more but won’t exceed in an hour. I admit, I got a little

Entrance of Calatagan, Batangas.

impatient because I really felt dizzy and I could hardly breathe.

So we resumed our road trip going to Calatagan, Batangas. From Shell, we must pass by Matabungkay, Lago de Oro and Punta Baluarte.

After 48 minutes of my mom driving, we were finally in our destination! I got excited so I immediately grabbed my Sony A3000 and took pictures.

Here’s what the entrance of Aquaria Water Park looks like:


After getting down from the car, I took pictures of the outdoor facilities.

We went to the counter and paid for our fee. Their admission rates are:img_7904

Weekdays: P600
Weekends: P800

Weekdays: P400
Weekends: P600



The staff inside the water park were accommodating especially those staff in the beach area. In the pictures, I thought it was a large water park and I have to admit, I did not expect it to be small. Medyo may kamahalan yung entrance fee at hindi siya sulit para sa akin. Well, that’s my opinion.

After paying for our fees, we went to their comfort rooms. The comfort rooms were spacious and clean.


I took photos while walking down going to the beach. The beach is 80m away from the welcome counter.

Before going to the beach, I went to the kiddie pool and dipped my feet and swam. Here is the kiddie pool:

When we reached the beach, we rented one table and four chairs for 200 pesos. We left our things on the table and took pictures! My mom had a fun time during her photoshoot.

After almost an hour of taking pictures, we finally swam through the salty water. While swimming, I would always taste the sea water and spit inside my shirt. (Bad habit no, huwag niyo ako gayahin! Isara niyo na lang mga bunganga ninyo kapag lalangoy kayo sa beach. Hahaha!)  I was kind of disappointed at the beach. The water is not that blue but brown with plenty of rubbish and sea urchins. They sure did not put any effort in keeping the beach clean. So for me, the beach itself is not commendable. Sana linisin man lang nila ‘yung beach every then no? Para hindi nakakairitang tignan. 

After swimming at the beach, we took our lunch at The Sands.

We ordered Bilao Platter inclusive of five cups of rice, one tilapia, lechon kawali, squid, and talong with tomatoes, onions, itlog na maalat, and iced tea. My mother ordered leche flan and halo-halo for desserts. (Ang mahal ng leche flan nila, P150 pero kasing laki lang ng fidget spinner. Nakakainis!)

Afterwards, we headed straight to the resort pools and swam through the 4 feet pool. We had another pictorial session with my mom.

We tried their 3-storey giant slide. This is my favorite part in Aquaria Water Park. The inflatables provided right beside the pool are required for using their slide. It was fun sliding down through the water slide.

At around 3pm, we went off the pool and started taking a bath. It took us 30 minutes to be fully prepared and dressed up before we leave the resort.

In summary of my experiences and opinions:

– Courteous and accommodating staff
– Delicious food
– Clean and spacious shower/comfort room
– Surroundings are clean
– Their 3-storey giant slide

– The beach
– Foods are somewhat pricey
– No WiFi
– Lack of parking space/lot
– Swimming pools are a bit dirty

This is just the kind of place where you go for a company outing, a small family get together or just a place to unwind for a day. You may try this place out. 🙂



Entering Aquaria Water Park.


The beach!
Down the shore…
Having a sentimental moment.
The view of the beach from The Sands.
Our Bilao Platter inclusive of five cups of rice, one tilapia, lechon kawali, squid, and talong with tomatoes, onions, itlog na maalat, and iced tea.
Kiddie pool.


Water of the beach.


What a cute flag.


Me taking a picture using our Sony A3000.


Their 6-feet pool and the 3-storey giant slide.


(Pictures are all taken by yours truly.
Gadgets used for taking pictures: iPhone 5c & Sony A3000.)