Model: Kianne Dublado

May 12, 2017
(inspired by Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold)

Well, sad to say but glad to know,

May iba na ex ko.

I’m happy for you.

Uhm, actually my last feature blog was for you. It was all about you. That’s the main purpose of it after all. Sharing my thoughts and my feelings after our break-up.

Again, thank you for everything, ex.

Thank you for the days when you always cared for me, made me smile and laugh, and made me a whole person. I would also like to thank those sad and exasperating moments you brought to me. Those annoying things you would tell me to trigger myself for giving up. But I didn’t give up.

You were the reason why I gave up our shitty relationship, anyway.

And of course, I’m also sorry for everything.

It felt like our love with each other was inconsistently distributed between us. I feel that you felt complacent because I thought you took my love for you for granted ‘cause you know I will always be there for you. And yes, my hypothetical and theoretical ways of thinking were right. You DID take me for granted.

“If happy is him, I’m happy for you.”