Spent our Huwebes Santo at Marian Orchard, Balete, Batangas. 💒💕

Brief description of Marian Orchard:

The Marian Orchard is a sprawling Catholic theme park located in the municipality of Balete, right before the pilgrimage city of Lipa. It is only an hour and half’s drive away from Manila. Yet, despite its proximity to Manila and other cities, it has been kept hidden from mass tourism, making it a real oasis for those looking for quiet contemplations. (from marian-orchard.ph)

This church is one of the most beautiful churches I’ve visited. I’ve heard that there are plenty of beautiful churches here at Batangas. Plenty of people were celebrating their Huwebes Santo/Semana Santa here at different churches at Batangas. I was hoping then that we would visit at least 7 more churches yesterday, but sadly, we only went to one church and already went home.