October 16, 2016

We like receiving different kinds of stuffs, especially from our loved ones, from our family members, our friends, from our special someone, and especially from God. We feel euphoric when we receive something that we truly like and appreciate. But when we receive, we must also give in return. As the saying goes, “It’s better to give than to receive”. It brings a smile to your face when you give something, especially when you think that person appreciates the thing/s that you gave to him/her. And that is what my mother did. Instead of receiving gifts on her 43th birthday, she insisted to raise a feeding program at Daniw Elementary School, located at Brgy. Daniw, Victoria, Laguna. I felt excited when she told me that she will raise a feeding program at Victoria, Laguna because it would be my first time to engage in this kind of activity and plus, my mother and I could help in feeding those children who are in need.

8AM. October 16, 2016, I woke up and took my breakfast. My mother immediately went to the comfort room to take a bath, and I placed all the freebies and foods that we are going to give away in the back compartment of our car. After being ready and dressed up, we went to my aunt’s house to pick up my aunt

The goods and freebies!

and my cousin, to also join in the feeding program. We brought food and sweets and placed them in loot bags, our old books to be donated in the library, and some old stuff of mine. My aunt as well brought toys and freebies for the children.

The road trip to Victoria, Laguna was kind of long, let me say it lasted for one and a half hour to two hours. I was reading Wonder while on the car, while my cousin was playing games with his phone, and my mom and aunt talking about random stuff. My cousin and I took a nap a while then.

At exactly 11:16am, we reached our destination. The feeding program was held at img_5028Daniw Elementary School, located in Brgy. Daniw, Victoria, Laguna. My cousin and I brought the goods inside a room where the children were staying. At first, I though it was only us who will handle the feeding program. I realized that the members of Laguna Achievers Club (my aunt was a member) organized the feeding program.

When we entered the room, the children greeted them with joy and excitement. First, my mother gave them loot bags with candies and snacks inside. Then my aunt told the

The children.

children to play Trip to Jerusalem. There was also a dance showdown between the children. We can see the big smiles on their faces whenever they receive loot bags and prizes from my mother and aunt. After that, the children fell in line because my aunt gave them variants of stuff toys and freebies. And of course, the parents of the children were also involved in the feeding program. We gave them sopas and bread for them to eat. And lastly, they all sang happy birthday for my mother, because she will be celebrating her birthday the following day (October 17). Then they all took a group picture with my mother and all the members of Laguna Achievers Club.

The children with my mom.

The children were all glad when they went home. I could see the smiles on their faces with their freebies on their hands. Despite of the inadequate resources that they have, they still strive to study hard and become contented in the environment that they are staying at. The school was full of mud and the classrooms were hot, but I was amazed because they know how to sacrifice. I can see that the children know how to endure themselves during tough times. I felt pity on them. We should be thankful because we are lucky enough. We have a shelter to live in, we eat our meals three times a day, and we are still comfortable enough. We should never forget to thank God because He never leaves us and He gave us a life that we are comfortable and fine with.

After the activity, we went home happy and feeling fortunate. My mother was the celebrant yet she chose to spread the blessings that she had received to the kids. She volunteered to lead the feeding program. It was nice to see my mother doing sincere actions to those who are in need and making other people smile during her special day.


To my mom, Happy 43th Birthday to you! I love you so much.