November 29, 2015

It was 11pm that night and we were going home from Sucat. While looking through the window of our car, I remembered all the successful things that I achieved – one of them was engaging in spelling bees.

My mother once told me that I was an avid reader when I was two years old (not showing off) and my father would take videos of me pronouncing different words. By the age of two, I memorized the Philippine presidents and my mom would show me flash cards and I would pronounce them in a cute manner.

Because of that, I started to love books, randomly chapter books when I was in Grade 3. Scholastic’s bookfair came into our school and I was amused by the different books that I saw: The 39 Clues, Geronimo Stilton, Magic Tree House, Harry Potter, and so much more books. One time I asked my mother to buy me one Magic Tree House book and read it in our house. Since our library in our school then were full of Stilton and Magic Tree House books, I would surrender my borrower’s card in the library and bring home as many books as I can read.

By the time I was in 5th Grade, I could finish three chapter books in one day. I familiarize myself with unusual words and it gets stuck on my head. My mother also told me once that when she was in her high school years, she loved reading the dictionary. Maybe I got that trait from my mother by also reading the dictionary. I can describe myself as a bibliophile – a lover of books; one who loves to read, admire and collect books.

And because of my love for words and reading, I randomly spell out words. I enjoy spelling and I enjoy learning new words. As of now, I have experienced four spelling bees in high school. Let me share to you my experiences in the spelling bees that I’ve went to.

My first experience is when I was in Grade 7. Raven, who was my classmate, and I, participated in the spelling bee and we got the third place. There was no award given to us that time, but we were still happy though.

Liceo de Cabuyao’s Spelling Quiz Bee winners. It’s me on the second one in the left!

The second spelling bee that I have encountered was in Grade 9. I joined CAPRISA (Cabuyao Private Schools Association) that time. I felt nervous because I will compete with different schools and I really didn’t trust

My certificate and gold medal of recognition that shows that I won first place in spelling. (CAPRISA Grade 9)

myself that I will achieve the first place. But because of hardwork and determination, I was hailed as the first place in the CAPRISA Spelling Bee for the Grade 9 category, school year 2014-2015. I felt overwhelmed because I can’t believe that I beated plenty of schools that were my opponents and I believe, were better than me. My winning word was “bouillabaisse”, a traditional fish stew.

My bronze medal when I won third place in CAPRISA’s spelling bee (2015)

I joined the third spelling quiz bee where I volunteered to compete with other schools again at CAPRISA. I really felt competitive but complacent at that time. I would review 20 words in one night and watch spelling bee competitions on YouTube. By the time I entered the room to compete for the quiz bee, I had plenty of mistakes in the easy and average round. I was about to cry that time because I thought that I was losing hope.

Spellers 2k15.

But during the spelling bee, I prayed to God to guide me. At the end, I had a tie breaker with a random school. Luckily, I won between the two of us. I was still happy when I went home even though I felt different kinds of emotions that time.

The fourth and maybe the last spelling bee that I will be joining was held in our school for the celebration of our English Week. I didn’t feel any nervousness that time because I assumed to myself that I was going to

My gold medal and my certificate recognizing that I was hailed as the 1st Placer in Spelling Bee at our English Week.

win. And yes, I won the bee. I only had three mistakes throughout the whole spelling bee. I perfected the easy and difficult round. The words that I mispelled were brunneous (I spelled it grunneous, close one though!), hamartia (I spelled hamarsha) and supercilious (I spelled supersilious, close one again!)



I felt fortunate because I concluded to myself that I really am good at spelling. I’m not showing off and bragging my skills, but I’m just proud of myself. This potential that I have will not be taken away from me and God

Me wearing my spelling bee medals! *sorry for the ugly smile*

gave this talent to me to inspire and to share with other people. There may be times that we won’t always be the first place, it just shows that we shouldn’t be always on top. Joining in these kinds of activities taught me a lot of lessons – hardwork, perserverance, patience, humbleness and being determined.

I always thank God on giving me this kind of talent and I am proud to say that I excel at spelling.