I love socializing. I love making friends with other people. Whenever I see new people, new classmates, or a new schoolmate, I would definitely go near them and be friends with them. I’m not shy. I want to express my true self and what things that I can do. I want to show to people on what I really am, what are my abilities, my strengths and my weaknesses.

I am a person that is extremely affable, jovial, and an outgoing person. I love going out especially at Saturdays and Sundays. I like going to malls, restaurants, cinemas, parks, and many more.

Being an extrovert isn’t easy sometimes. When you are interacting with other people, some people judge you about your looks and your personality. We have to be safe at instances like this. But, being an extrovert is kinda fun though. You may be approachable to people around you and they can count on you as a friend. You just have to be careful to who you trust and who you can lean on as a friend.


There are actually 10 steps of how to care for extroverts, but I will shorten it to 8 steps:

  1. Respect their independenceRespecting the independence of an extrovert helps them in showing who they really are; how they act in certain places, how they act with certain people. When you just let them show who they really are, you can see the brightness in them. You can see how they shine. Extroverts are people who are approachable and they can easily be encouraged on doing things in society.
  2. Compliment them in the company of othersAs an extrovert, I love people complimenting me. I get flattered whenever I hear a good comment or opinion about me. It brightens up my day. I want people to see me as a good example or a good image to other people. I want to show people who I really am; jolly, fun to be with, outgoing, talkative, and much more.
  3. Accept and encourage their enthusiasm Extroverts show their enthusiasm when they are in a good mood, and also show their enthusiasm when they aren’t in the mood. Always remember that we all have different personalities, so enough for comparing yourself to other people. Accepting and encouraging each and everyone’s enthusiasm will result to being whole as a group of people accepting themselves on who they are. Extroverts who show their activeness makes them shine and be the center of attention. Just let them shine and be themselves. You just have to learn how to go with the flow when you are with them.
  4. Allow them to explore and talk things out – When you’re with a friend who is an extrovert and they want to socialize and be active in an organization or club, just let them be. Let them take the opportunity to share with others what they feel and what their experience. When they share stories, listen to them. Extroverts like people who are listening and understanding them. Do not judge them based on how they talk and they move. Like me, extroverts are also quite sensitive. Be careful on what you will say to them, because it might break their mood.
  5. Thoughtfully surprise them Almost all people love surprises. It could be a birthday, an anniversary, or anything else. Extroverts appreciate each and every effort that they receive. They have this superficial happiness that makes them attractive. Always be ready if you want to surprise them. I’m sure they will definitely appreciate it. I also love surprises. If I would be surprised by my friends or my family, I would like balloons all over the ceiling and foods in front of me with wrapped gifts. I would definitely cry because of happiness.
  6. Understand when they are busyExtroverts are people who also get tired and busy. When you see them having a hard time in work or in school, try to help them out. They would like to seek for your help to get things done right in time. Do not be scared when you want to talk to an extrovert, they are friendly! If they are busy with a certain thing, always reach your hand and be friends with them. You would surely have a good relationship with them.
  7. Make physical and verbal gestures of affectionShow them how you appreciate and love them. Extroverts are not numb. When you show them how you feel whenever you are with them, they like and appreciate it. Just never leave them hanging. It will make them feel droopy and heartsick. Always show affection to them. When I say “always”, I mean a l w a y s. Don’t fail to show care for them.
  8. Let them shineLastly, always let them shine. When there is an opportunity awaiting them, let them grab the chance and take it. Like what I said, extroverts like it when they’re the center of attention. Let them be themselves. Let them show their hidden potential inside of them. When they get jolly or hyper, just let them be. They possess their own traits and they should be proud of that. They are not afraid of how people see them. When they show off their personality, you can see how bright, talented, and great they are. Never underestimate them. Never bring them down. Let them shine. 🙂